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April 29, 2013 / beatricebunny

Trying New Things

I did a fair amount of cooking this weekend.  Yesterday for dinner I made quinoa and heart of palm salad and seared yellow tail tuna.  Brunch today was another use of leftovers – french toast.

I love quinoa and had been craving it.  The catch?  I had never actually cooked with it.  All the quinoa I’ve eaten has been prepared by someone else, most often the Whole Foods deli.  I found a recipe at Epicurious.  I had no idea that handling and prepping quinoa is such a pain in the ass!  For my part, I did not follow the instructions in this recipe for prepping the quinoa.  Instead, I followed the instructions on the bag, which were much simpler.  Even so, it is a tiny grain.  The holes in my colander were too large, so I ended up having to line my colander with cheesecloth in order to rinse the grains.   So, I washed the quinoa thoroughly.  The first time I ran water through the colander, the water foamed and bubbled much like a creek with soup in it.  It was kinda gross.  I rinsed until this no longer occurred.  The final result was delicious!

The seared tuna was very good, but there isn’t a lot to say about it.  I marinated the steaks in garlic powder and soy sauce for 15 minutes, and then seared in sesame oil – high heat, 2 minutes on each side.

We had the meal with olive bread and white wine.

And that leads to today’s brunch.  We had about half a loaf of olive bread left.  I love olive bread.  It is rich and the olives create an olive oil taste which means that it doesn’t need butter.  It was more expensive than I normally pay for bread, and I didn’t want to waste the rest, so after yoga today, I made a savory take on French toast.

I whisked together four eggs, a couple of table spoons of Green yogurt, Penzy’s Fox Point seasoning, stone ground mustard, salt, and pepper.  Then, I sliced thick slices of the olive bread.  I left the bread soaking in the egg mixture.  I fried a couple of pieces of thick cut bacon in a large skillet, then removed the bacon, but left the grease.   Then, I fried the French toast in the bacon grease.  After every couple of pieces of toast, I would fry another piece of bacon (all in all, I used 4 pieces of bacon, cut in half and made 6 pieces of French toast).  we had the toast, bacon, good coffee, and mimosas.  It was a lovely meal.


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