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March 12, 2013 / beatricebunny

chopped: Relocation Edition

I am trying to use up all of our perishables before we move.  The results should be interesting.  Tonight’s dinner reminds me of the crappy spaghetti sauce I made when I was first learning to cook.  It has a little of this, a little of that.  My hope is that I have enough experience now to make this into something tasty instead of something weird and gross.  Tonight I am using: chicken stock, ground lamb, onions, garlic, oregano, shallots, hot sauce, tomatoes, black beans, bay leaf, smoked paprika and, of course, spaghetti.  It’s kind of like the basket on chopped except I have to eat my own creation.

A lot of cooking is understanding the basics and then adjusting the seasonings.  Lamb is red meat.  Red meat can be used in a basic meat sauce or a bolognese.  Some liquid is best for deglazing the pan and usually with red meat I’d use wine or beef broth, but chicken broth is just fine as well.  Canned tomatoes and black beans are usually paired in chili, but we have eaten a lot chili lately, and I didn’t want that flavor profile.  But tomatoes and cannellini beans are a pasta thing, so I felt like I could do something similar with black beans.

We ate the meal, which was really good.  I’m sure there will be more outre dishes as we get closer to moving day, but this was simple and good and perfect for a rainy night.


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