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July 5, 2012 / beatricebunny

Ice Coffee

I know, I know… it’s “iced coffee,” but I’m from the South, and we drop the “d” on ice tea, so this sounds right to me. 🙂

Anyway, this month’s issue of Bon Appetit had a recipe for making your own ice coffee concentrate.  Since I spend approximately a gazillion dollars on ice coffee in the summer, and this year, Tennessee is breaking heat records, I decided to give it a whirl.

For my attempt, there was no question when type of coffee I was going to use – Cafe du Monde.  My love of ice coffee grew out of an August spent working in New Orleans.  I love New Orleans style coffee with chicory, and IMO, it is the best coffee to serve iced.  Every morning on my way to work, I would stop and pick up an ice coffee from the Community Coffee House in my neighborhood, and in the evenings, I would walk over to Cafe du Monde. In August, it was simply too hot for their excellent lattes and beignets.  I would order another ice coffee, sit on their patio and watch tourists and locals walk by.

Lucky for me, Publix carries Cafe du Monde brand coffee.  I brought home a packet and made delicious ice coffee.  I pretty much followed the recipe directly from Bon Appetit, but I do have a few notes on it.

First, this process is extremely messy.  I used a large pot for the initial process, and ended up using a ladle to move the coffee onto the cheese cloth.  I lost quite a bit a coffee dumping it all over my table trying to pour coffee from the pot into the second container.  The ladle worked well, though.  I put a mixing bowl under my pitcher to catch any spills so as not to waste the coffee.

Second, it took two sections of cheese cloth and quite some time to get all the coffee liquid out of the grounds.  I left it sitting the better part of a day.  The second filtering process actually took three coffee filters.  The coffee grounds created a block on the bottom and would no longer flow.

All that being said, I really liked the final product.  I mixed mine one part coffee, and then the other part was 3:1 water and half and half.  It’s very, very strong, but delicious.

Per the recipe, the concentrate will last two weeks.  I doubt it will last that long in my house.  I definitely plan to make more.


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