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October 10, 2011 / beatricebunny

Soft Drinks

Rose and Cherry Soda

Rose and Cherry Soda

I really like making homemade soft drinks. For those who don’t know, a “soft drink” is really just the opposite of a “hard” or alcoholic drink. For a long time, the traditional soft drink was found in only two places: the coffee shop, in the form of Italian sodas or the bar, in the form of “mocktails.” I’m hopeful that is making a little resurgence, since I’ve seen some varieties available at my local farmers market.

Tonight, I made my soft drinks from the delicious Rose/Lavender Syrups from The Bang Candy Company.  Locally made here in Nashville, this amazing company makes great marshmallows and syrups.  Eventually, I want to make some of my own syrups, but rose petals are not cheap to process.  I first had their syrup at Nashville’s Night Market, mixed with champagne and garnished with a delicious candied rose petal.  I made cocktails with the syrup first, before remembering my love of soft drinks.  The drink pictured above is just ice cube, mineral water, a shot of the syrup, and a little maraschino cherry juice.   Three maraschino cherries garnish the drink, and they were so good at the end, soaked in that sweet syrup!

Next weekend, I plan to use the syrup to make cream syrups- a decadent treat that I usually make at least twice in the summer (usually an orange dreamcicle flavor), but haven’t made at all this year.

If you wanted to booze it up, you could add vodka to the mix above, or replace the mineral water with a brut sparkling wine.  Sweet sparkling wine makes the whole thing sickly sweet.

Around the time for the Kentucky Derby, I usually make a mint syrup to mix into Mint Juleps.  I think next summer, I’ll see about turning that into a sparkling mint lemonade soda.  I hope it will be delicious.

Now to come up with a yummy Christmas flavor…


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